Am Not A Lesb!an…” Lil Dex Opens Up To Naijapaded

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Am Not A Lesb!an…” Lil Dex Opens Up To Naijapaded

Nigeria Female Hip-hop Artist Mirabel David popularly known as Lil Dex Moreover “Opia Oku has debunked the rumors flying around that she’s a Lesb.ian.

Am Not A Lesb!an…” Lil Dex Opens Up To Naijapaded
Lil Dex is a talented artist and student of Federal Polythenic Oko, Anambra State.
Am Not A Lesb!an…” Lil Dex Opens Up To Naijapaded

According to her fans and friends on Facebook, they referred her as a Lesb.ian. When asked; some points out that she dresses like a man, some said she flex around mostly with girls while some said that her uploads on social media is basically with girls, sometimes unclad and suspicious to be Lesb!an.

The controversial music legend, Lil Dex declined being a Lesb!an anyway. She never seize to answer that whenever asked.

Am Not A Lesb!an…” Lil Dex Opens Up To Naijapaded Media
decided to interview her. She accepted the quest to be interviewed.
According to her, she stated that she’s in relationship but private, can’t reveal it to the public. She said her “Boo” is known by her Facebook friends but can’t disclose to public. We tried enough to at least know the name but no avail. When we asked her about the gender of the person she’s in relationship with, she equally declined that to us.
Am Not A Lesb!an…” Lil Dex Opens Up To Naijapaded

Probably, she said that she can’t said the gender of the person she’s in relationship with. She only points that her boo’s name starts with S and ends with A. Uhhhhmmm!

See The Exclusive Interview Below; Hello

Lil Dex: xup Welcome To Media Am Stanley (Coded) By Name, I Represent Media.

Lil Dex: aiiiit stan..nice meeting yu Thanks What’s Your Full Name?

Lil Dex: am Mirabel David..
Lil Dex: buh u call Lil dex(opia oku) Ouch…That’s Lovely Name Where Are You From? Hopefully From Nigeria Right?

Lil Dex: smiles..fnx bro
Lil Dex: yea….from d Eastern part of Nigeria Oh, that’s good to hear You Do Include “Opia Oku” In Your Nick Name. What Reason(s) Dear?

Lil Dex: well Opia Oku is d tittle of d 1st indigenous rap i droped years bck…d song made a lil wave in anambra state,dats hw i got stocked wif d name Oh, that’s good to know.

Lil Dex: most ppl dnt evn knw dah Opia oku aint ma name Oh, That’s Great What’s Your Educational Level?

Lil Dex: i studied Insurance @ FED POLY, Anambra state That’s great

Lil Dex: came from a Christain home ,so am a christain That’s good So Lil Dex, Let’s Talk About The Main Issue Of This Interview

Lil Dex: which is? Lifestyle And Relationship Background Can I Know A Little Bit About Your Lifestyle?

Lil Dex: hmmmmm

Lil Dex: my life style,well i live a normal life like every oda gurl That’s good

Lil Dex: i luv hanging out wif frnds

Lil Dex: not really d clubing type Good To Hear

Lil Dex: you can only find me in a club wen i av an event Good What’s Your Relationship Status, Single Or…?

Lil Dex: smiles
Lil Dex: do i really wana tell? Feel Free

Lil Dex: well am not single If I May Ask, Are You Dating Or Complicated?

Lil Dex: smiles…what do you think? No Idea… ? Alright Sorry to say. According to your friends and fans on social media, Facebook to be precisely. Some do say that you’re Lesb!an.

What do you think or have to say about it?

Lil Dex: smiles…i hear that alot

Lil Dex: thiers this believe that every tom is a lesbian…

Lil Dex: am an artist nd 80% of my fans are the ladies…they shower me with so much love nd support wen ever i make any drop nd even wen ever am billed to perform

Lil Dex: all i do is try reciprocating what i get from them..which is showing them love back

Lil Dex: i dont know if thats what makes me a lesb!an Sorry, how do you show them love?

Lil Dex: being nice to them too

Lil Dex: i cnt be rude to any1 just because am trying not to be tagged a lesb!an What perfection do you have for girls/ladies that made people think otherwise?

Lil Dex: dont get your question Ok How do you roll with girls that made people think otherwise? What actually made them to start calling out on you as a Lesb!an?

Lil Dex: dont really know WHAT made people think that..

Lil Dex: u know women often call them selves pet names Oh, yea

Lil Dex: its hardly find a gurl calling d nxt by her name

Lil Dex: so the lay man can read soo many meaning into what the ladies call me

Lil Dex: ok..just dis aftnoon on social network…a girl was like”LIL DEX I LUV U”

Lil Dex: you dnt xpect me to tell her I HATE U

Lil Dex: had to tell her LUV U TOO..cus itz d luv nd support i get from em dat pays my bills Yea, that’s right Let’s Look Into Your Outfit.

According To Your Fans And Friends On Facebook, They Said You Like Dressing Up Like A Guy.

Can You Please Throw More Lights On That?

Lil Dex: to me..its called FASHION

Lil Dex: i wear what i feel comfortable in Apart From Fashion, How/What Do You Love Dressing?

Lil Dex: make up nd hills makes me feel uncomfortable

Lil Dex: to me…the male wears fits me more than the female wears

Lil Dex: so it all boils down to preference That’s great point to hear. How Do You Intend To Clear The Doubts Of This Lesb.ian Issue?

Lil Dex: smiles..the thing is this

Lil Dex: no matter what you do..som1 out there must find a fault in it….am an artist,a public figure I understand, but this one is really outstanding

Lil Dex: ppl r watching what you do or say…infact even wen u no do,dem go find sth say you u I understand

Lil Dex: nd like i said earlier…im not a snub nd wunt start snubing my female fans cus am trying not to be talked about But, do you also have much time for your male fans as you do have for you female fans? Any abstraction?

Lil Dex: i give every1 equal attention That’s good.

Lil Dex: evn my boo do complain abou d too much attention i giv to my fans Oh Really, Is It Possible To Reveal Your Boo? At Least For People To Clear Their Doubts And Thoughts?

Lil Dex: ma boo? Exactly

Lil Dex: i dnt hide my boo

Lil Dex: any1 dat knws Lil dex well

Lil Dex: or follows Lil dex on social network shuld knw my boo Oh, Let The Public Know It Now

Lil Dex: ma boo nd i agreed on makin our relationship private Oh, but you just said you don’t hide your boo. It’s good for public to know. At least to clear some doubts Well, since it’s private. Can I know the gender of your boo?

Lil Dex: naa..dats what makes me controversial

Lil Dex: every1 knws my boo without my callin names Not Everyone. I Know Many Are Still Guessing At Least, Just Let The Public Know The Name. You Can Probably Tell Us The Gender.

Lil Dex: my relationship is meant to b private

Lil Dex: if i tell u if its a he or she..then thier wunt b anyfin controversial about Opia oku any more Oh, ???

Lil Dex: yup

Lil Dex: buh boo’s name starts wif an S nd ends wif A I see, but that’s the main point people are looking at. At least to know the name of your Boo Or The Gender. The controversial is nothing is you say the gender. It’s still private.

Lil Dex: all i can say is..Lil dex is in a relationship,,,buh i stil gat luv nd respect for my fans You Said It Starts With “S” And Ends With “A”

I Think I Can Hopefully Guess That? Sofia?

Lil Dex: is dat d name u came up wif?

Lil Dex: funny though

Lil Dex: wah makes u feel itz sofia” Sofia” is mostly the girl that calls you out. Obviously, she defends and also takes you as her boo

Lil Dex: well iv said enof abou my relationship…like i said(1)ladies luv callin me pet names,probably bcus of d luv they’v gat for my music To avoid conclusion from your friends and fans. I personally do expect you to say your boo name or better still say the gender. The gender doesn’t matter. Just to clear some minds. I bet, this is the main point people are looking at Are we still connected?

Lil Dex: all i can say is dah my boo’s name starts wif an S..ends wif A

Lil Dex: (2)dnt rili lik discusin my relationship…my bby aint a public type

Lil Dex: if they r soo much intrested in my affair..let em go do d maths OK As We Conclude, What Do You Have To Tell Your Fans And Friends That Think You’re A Lesb!an?

Lil Dex: smiles…fnx for d luv nd support…promise to always giv in my best

Lil Dex: as for d lesb!an rumour …all can say is PLS LIVE UR LIFE ND LET ODAS LIVE THIERS…no 1 gets punished for som1 else’s sin Oh, that’s great advice

Lil Dex: na so..i cnt go to hell 4 ur sins..u cnt go there cus of mine either I Would Like You To Say It Boldly That You’re Not A Lesb!an.

Lil Dex: am LIL DEX..not LESBIAN Thanks Lil Dex. Nice Having You Here. I Appreciate Your Time.

Meet You Some Other Time.

Thank You So Much, I Appreciate.
Coded, Media

Lil Dex: u most wlkm

Am Not A Lesb!an…” Lil Dex Opens Up To Naijapaded

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