Boomhype Meets DressyJay(Debute Interview Version)

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Boomhype Meets DressyJay(Debute Interview Versio)

Hy Every one!! We bring to you our Debut version of interview with artistes, Today with us is a young upruning mystro.. Mr Dressy jay… Hy sir??

Hello(clears throat)

How are you feeling to day sir??
am that cool..

haha.. You are that cool, asin? As usual or presently?

lol, as usual, because am always cool…

so sir.. Can u tell us more about you?? Asin more about you self…

uhm.. Ok am a kind of versatile singer / rapper, with the born Name ” Ikechukwu David” well known by the stage name ” Dressy jay”, i hail from ugbawka in Nkanu East Enugu state, presently living at meniru, Enugu state.
mr Ikechukwu How did u came abt the name “Dressy jay”
Oh.. It all started at my kidaggaton stage. The name Dressy came from a street girl because of my dressing code, while Jay was from street kids who said i too dy rub jayle.
Haha.. Funny Encounter so far.. So mr jay which kind of music do you do?? How many tracks have you got?

Uhm.. I do hiphop, Afropop, infact am versatile in nature. And as for tracks i have release one and iam planning another before march.
wow! So can u tell us of any hard ship you Encountered since u came into the industry??

many!! Many challanges… Though they must not be
a hero without challanges..
I have encountered both bad and good, those i cant remember, infact those i cant talk about.

ok .. Sir do u still Educate? Asin may we know your level??
uhm.. Education?? When it comes to education am still on a lil level..

so mr jay do you have any advice for your fellow up and coming artistes??

yes! I’ll advice then to keep the fire burning, its a matter of time we will all get there.
And humbleness, we have to be humble and respect all masses, thats all.
Do u have any adress to you fans??

I want to say thank you.. For your support so far, am grateful and i promise never to let you down.. Thanks..

Thank you Dressy jay for you time but is there any way ur fans can reach you??

Yes you can follow me on fb @Official Dressy Jay, or chat me on whatsapp @ 09066021913

Thank you for joining us on our debute version of interview with up and coming artistes thanks. You can like us on fb and twitter @boomhype

written by @iamjoesmart

Boomhype Meets DressyJay(Debute Interview Versio)


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