Disgusting!! Crazy house help forces child to lick her private part

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Disgusting!! Crazy house help forces child to lick her private part

A mother has been left shocked, devastated and disgusted after her daughter told her the horrible thing the house-help had been forcing her to do as a revenge for the maltreatment she gets from the girl’s mother.

According to BuzzKenya, the woman was left shaken after discovering the atrocious act. Read via BuzzKenya The report revealed that the 30-year-old woman who works as a marketer with a telecommunication firm had left for work in the morning but got arrested on the way for speeding.

When she came back home unannounced, she was shocked to see the house-help stark naked and cooking. When she asked her why she was cooking totally naked, the house-help responded saying she was on her way to the shower.

She checked the house and bathroom and found nothing suggesting that the house- help was about having her bath and neither a towel in sight nor a clean set of clothes to wear after the shower. She became suspicious.

The woman whose daughter recently had been giving her problems during showers by refusing to get dressed after was forced to inquire from the little daughter who opened up saying that the house-help always walk around the house in the nude. The little girl who has been copying the house-help by refusing to wear her clothe after bath further revealed that ‘auntie’ (the house-help) made her lick her private parts every time her mother left the house for work.

That was when the woman realized where the source of the daughter’s bacterial infections week after week came from. It was gathered that in a bid to prove if it was true, the woman took her daughter to the hospital where a test confirmed the daughter’s saliva was mixed with vaginal fluids.

The woman is currently contemplating suing her house-help for molesting her child while hoping that the young one did not contract any sexually transmitted infections. This isn’t the first time domestic helps go to extremes to ‘pay back’ their employers for perceived ill treatment. Last year, a maid was caught on camera adding urine to her boss’ smoothie, while in Uganda another one almost beat her master’s child to death.


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