Gozkybrain: What do You Really do with your Phone?

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Young Blogger Gozkybrain Izuka of My Wap Tutors recently talked on one of the Crucial Yet Neglected Addiction – The Mobile Phone.
…as Written by Gozkybrain.

Mobile Phones together with The Internet has taken over the world, as virtually everything can be done over a Mobile phone, or a Laptop, so long as there is a network connection.

The rate at which Youths, mainly students get addicted and purchase expensive Devices is a cause for worry. A student in my Hostel just Launched a New Infinix Note 4, i was very happy for him till i found out the reason he got such an expensive phone. According to him, ” The Camera is almost clearer than the human eyes, and is what i need to boost my Instagram followers. More is the browsing speed, which means i can enjoy social media at its peak. The phone is a real showoff for chicks “.

Now thats not a cool reason to own such an expensive phone – no, its not.

Take a seat and ask yourself these questions;
• Why Do I Really Need this Mobile Phone?
• How Much Did I Purchase it?
• How Much have I Spent on Data and Maintenance?
• How Much Have I Realised from this Phone?
• Apart from temporary pleasure, what do i get from this Device?

If you do not realise anything tangible from your mobile phone, then there is no need keeping it.
Did you know that, 78% of world have their mobile phones as their office and make money online with their mobile phones. Mobile phones and laptops has become a full time income source for some, and part time for a few – not excluding students.

Why not turn your mobile phone to a Virtual Office?


• Start a Blog.
It takes almost nothing more than the amount you use in subscribing to develop a blog, but it would generate you more revenue. If you’re still looking fir Reasons you need a Blog , there are a whole lot of them – you’ve not really found one.

• Go into Affiliate Marketing.
Sign up with an Affiliate such as Jumia/Kaymu and start sharing your link with your friends, fans, and followers instead of the regular photos and jokes you post for nothing more than likes. Affiliates pays you promoting their link, and its something you part time. Many students make a living with affiliate marketing , and it doesn’t affect their studies.

• Join Reward Sites.
There are websites all over the internet that pays people for virtually anything they can do. My hostel mate who bought the nice phone because of the nice camera has followed my advice and has started making money via photography. There are others that pay you when you test-play a developing game and send feedbacks, and the list goes on.

• Get a YouTUBE Channel.
You loved Crazee Clown’s Comedy to the extent you started making your own skits and sharing them with friends. No lies, you’ll get fruastrated sooner than later when you only get popular before your friends and you barely have data to share your videos. Get a YouTUBE Channel and start making money from what you can do.

• Take an Online Course.
What do you do best? Say you’re a student Medical Laboratory Science, and you’re well informed on it. Create a Facebook page or so, Give out about 2, 3, or 4 detailed Video Tutorials on Some practicals to your Junior Colleagues and soon, start charging them for the next videos. This is a cool source of Revenue for Smart Students.

• Promote your Brand or Skill.
In school, there are different skills gifted to different students, but we barely find out because of promotion. Are you A Blog Developer? A Make-up Artiste? A Stand-up Commedian (MC)? Then its time to promote your Skill with your mobile phone – use whatever means you can; Facebook updates, Tweets, Graphics on Instagram, advertisement on a website, youtube awareness, etc. Just make good use of your mobile phone as concerns your skill promotion.

• Virtual marketting.
This is for those who ‘re into probably buying and selling. Your sophisticsted mobile phone should not only be to boost your ego, but to grow your business in anyway it can. Start up an email list, or a fan page. Share samples of your products with your followers and have chats with them till they make an order.

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There are a whole lot of things you can do with your mobile phone, so What Do You Do With Your Mobile Phone?
Whatever it maybe, make sure its productive.
My name is Gozie Brain Izuka, and to all bloggers out there, i just want to make common sence; i hope i did.
Take a minuite of your time to drop a comment, join in the conversation and impact also.


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