A Must Read: Being good in the Kitchen not enough to keep him home. – by Prince Uc Augustine.

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To every man there is a woman and to every woman there is a man. This singular motives comes to mind when thinking about marriage, even though a man is not responsible enough to be called a husband or a woman is not trained enough to be called a wife.

During every wedding occasions especially in the Church, there is always a big question from the presiding Pastor,Bishop or Rev. Father which goes thus, (To the woman) ” Do you take this man as your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and in health? For better or worse? for richer and for poorer? Till death do you part?” (To the man) Do you take this woman as your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health? For better or worse? For richer and for poorer? Till death do you part?” Every man or woman will of-cause say the obvious which is YES I DO but the truth remains, do they really mean it? Can couples actually abide to their vows?

80% of ladies today are very eager to be called wives not minding the challenges or the aftermath of their choices or what they can do to make a good wife to their husband.

Keeping a man home is not by cooking a good meal alone, or dropping him a cold water to shower after long day at work, it is not just producing babies like a pure water factory. It is not just being a wife but being the same lady he fell in love with on that faithful day when making his vow.

On every wedding ceremony, there are always smiles, joy that gets to heaven and a fulfilment in the eyes of the man who believes he has found his better half but to most ladies, it is mission accomplished.

Let me quickly point out that any man that does not respect or love his wife enough to make her feel accomplished is not a responsible man. I call such man a “No Man”. Haven said this, I will like to explain why most ladies who always feel accomplished after marriage often chase their partner away from home.

It is quite amazing that among all the wonderful and most astonishing women God has created, he finds you worthy of being his wife. That alone is something worth cherishing, it shows you are indeed the best among all other women, so either he chose you by error or for the sake of love, the fact remains you are finally his wife. For this fact, you owe him respect, love and affection/sexual appealing.

It is not just enough for any woman to be a wonderful cook which is also very important, cos you might prepare a very delicious meal for your husband but the big question is, will the food be appealing to him? Will he appreciate you for cooking that delicious meal or eat it because he is simply hungry? That’s another matter to pounder about.

For example: you(woman) used to be very sexy, smells very lovely, always on hot undies, kept your shape intact, visit the gym regularly and make sure you are clean and fresh to be admired. He sees you as such and love everything about you, but just after the wedding. You feel as a married woman all that shouldn’t be your concern anymore. Girl, you are giving your night food to the dogs and you might just go hungry all night.

Before condemning him of being a bad man or an irresponsible husband and father, try and have a sober reflection, think about how you both met and how you both started your journey, those things he used to say to you and how he used to look at you.

Please Note: The day your husband stops telling you Honey you smell nice, you look sexy and fresh, that’s a clear indication that you have started losing your husband and chasing him away from home. Remember there are a million and one single ladies out-there who wouldn’t mind being a fifth wife if giving the opportunity, that shows how blessed you are by being the first and the only wife at the moment.

Why did you stop visiting the gym? Why did you stop dressing sexy and smelling sweet and fresh? This questions is a must answer to every woman who wishes to keep their husband at home.

I will advise all the women out-there to continue doing that thing he sees in you. Try to make him see reasons to run back home from work at every giving opportunity for a quickie sex on the sitting room chairs, challenge him to a marathon sex on most weekends, make him believe there are no other woman who does it better. Cry and shed crocodile tears when making love cos it turns him on, telling him how sweet and wonderful of a man he is in bed and he will never depart from you forever no matter the concoction or the magic of any strange woman.

Remember, if you give him a chance to find a better comfort from any other woman then even your good food will become a trash at sight.

If he loves you enough to marry you then he can’t abandon you with his senses intact.

Keep your marriage by making him stay home.

To be continued.


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