Opinion: Win the heart of the people to gain back your popularity @mbuhari – by Prince Uc Augustine

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APC Releases Press declaration As Regards Alleged Impeachment Of President Buhari
Firstly, I will like to solemnly pledge to Nigeria my country, to be faithful loyal and honest in all my opinions and never to favour any tribe or region/political parties or religion, so help me God.

Dear Mr President, what am about to suggest here is purely my opinion and I will be very happy if you can digest and review it in your quiet time sir.

I remember vividly how the masses trooped out in their numbers in the last presidential election to support your presidential ambition sir, and to God be the glory you won the election even though you have contested three times and lost.

it is very unfortunate sir that if you look back to your previous tries in your determination to become the president, you will realise that many people had died supporting your ambition, will you now allow their death to be in vain without justifying their unreserved support for you before their death? Haven said this, I want you to sit back, relax with a cup of coffee or water as I continue with my opinion sir.

Any Government that does not favour the poor masses ‘to me’ is a failed government and does not worth supporting, as it is this same poor masses that massively voted for you in the last election sir. I don’t want to mention where and where you had the largest votes because the last time I checked, this country is called Nigeria.

Mr President sir, why must the masses suffer before the change will eventually come? If there is is any change to be witnessed at all. I will advise you not to tread in the part of your predecessors as most people believed you are the messiah and you have come to Change the system.

In my own opinion sir, what you should be thinking as a leader who promised change is the common man(masses) on the street, the poor market sellers and those without a voices before making your policies, because looking back at the previous dispensation the poor masses have never benefited from the Government.

Mr president sir, it is now time to set aside all the complains and get to work sir. Abandon the fight against the previous government and focus on the people because the corruption fight is slowing you down and making you lose focus and seriously affecting our economy. I am not telling you to allow corruption sir, what I am trying to insinuate is that you set a standard, make new reforms, strengthen the judiciary and make new laws to incriminate corrupt politicians and a provisional jail terms without bail for anyone found wanting henceforth. That is when you will be fighting corruption sir.

I want to categorically state the various areas in which you can better the lives of the poor masses.

1) Housing:
It will not be a bad idea if you Mr president and the ministry of works and housing can sit behind closed doors and think of a way to provide affordable housing or homes for the civil servants who collect less salaries and pay more to have a roof over their heads, especially those living in Abuja, Lagos and the whole of South South states. Sir I can assure you that if the federal Government can actually adopt this idea then all the private house owners/Landlords won’t have any option than to reduce house rents as most buildings will be empty.

2) Agriculture/food:
sir we all know that hunger can lead to many unthinkable behaviours, and it will be foolish to starve when there are plenty of food to eat even though one does not have cash saved in the bank.

Mr President sir, the only way you can revive the current decadence in the Agricultural sector is to declare a state of emergency in that sector. You have to oversee the dealings and the affairs of this sector yourself sir. Make sure there are lands to farming, make sure the farmers can easily access loans sir, fertiliser should be subsidised for the farmers and available. The FG must encourage the local farmers by helping them export or process their produce before export. Finally the Fulani cattle breeders should be educated on how they can actually feed their cows without going into people’s farms because there are lots of forest and bushes in this country. That again is your responsibility sir.

it is quite disheartened that you have appointed an incompetent hand in this sector sir. I watched in the news where Mr Fashola gave malicious excuses that it was the constant bombings of pipeline that is causing the current epileptic power supply that the country have been experiencing. I just wonder why should a minister utter such in this modern world. Sir, it is time we stop looking at one direction to solving any of our shortcomings, it is time to think outside the box. There are several ways we can generate power without Gas sir. It won’t cost the FG more than 200billion Naira to install high powered solar energy in all the 36 states we have in Nigeria. I also implore Mr Fashola to travel to other developed countries in other to gather how they succeeded in supplying their country with constant electricity.

4) Niger Delta:
Mr President sir, I am not from the South South but I have seen the hardship in that region and I must confess that it is highly wicked to pretend like all is well.

Firstly, I will advise you accept the conditions of the south south people by allocating 65% of oil bloc to their people as it will go a long way in laying the foundation for peace, and by so doing the region won’t feel marginalised or raped anymore. Sir, there is no way you can develop this region without their people, I mean the leaders of this region and when they keep thinking that some part of the country are actually making lots of money from their soil at the detriment of their people’s wellbeing and they are been giving just a little amount from the wealth generated from their region for development, they will surely squander it sir. Not because they hate their people, but because if they don’t squander the money and utilise it as been expected the people will believe that there is nothing to complain about and no agitation would have arise from any Southern Region today. Sir if we must tell ourselves the truth today, you will agree with me that if the oil that we are all depending on for survival is actually in the northern land, Nigeria would have been divided before now and every region would have gone their separate ways because the northerners that I know will never allow anyone from other region to claim the ownership of any oil bloc in their region quote me any day sir. Wouldn’t it be fair if you look into it and find a lasting solution before things gets worsen.

Finally before I rest my pen, it will be wicked for FG or states to be collecting revenue from the common man if they can’t even provide any social amenities. You want to ask a tailor, hairstylist to pay for tax when he/she have never seen electricity for weeks, he/she buys fuel for 145x 15ltres daily and makes 3000 a day, including feeding, children’s school fees and other expenses and finally he/she is left with nothing and the FG/states revenue collectors will want to wickedly lock up their shops for not been able to pay tax, what kind of rogue is the FG/states trying to create out of such people?

Sir everything I have written here today is strictly my opinion and I will be very accomplished if you can look into all my suggestions and act on them sir. People are dying of hunger sir, people are becoming jobless sir, crime is on the increase now as people now steal food with the cooking pot. Sir my advise to you is to try to you Win the heart of the people to gain back your popularity.

Thank you for taken your time to read sir. May God bless our country Nigeria.

Prince Uc Augustine.


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