Revealed!! How Fayose Stole Ekiti Money And Kept In Secret Accounts

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Revealed!! How Fayose Stole Ekiti Money And Kept In Secret Accounts

Facts are at last coming out of how

Governor Ayodele Fayose stole Ekiti

State money and kept it in the accounts

of trusted cronies after putting them

on oath.

Informed sources told The Monitors

that Fayose stole from many sources in

a heartless raid on Ekiti State resources

to amass wealth for private comfort

while deliberately refusing to pay

workers’ salaries for five months,

even though he received allocations for

the same period, including collecting

N9.6b bailout, Ecological Fund, CBN loan

on SMEs, refunds on federal roads,

charges on banks for community social

responsibility and various suffocating

taxes that Fayose kept in accounts that

are unknown to government’s

financial system.

Impeccable sources said a multiple

tracking of Fayose’s assets was

conducted by security and anti-

corruption agencies that came with a

damning revelation of a massive

looting of Ekiti State.

Fayose himself got a hint of the

security agencies’ findings, which

propelled him to address a press

conference in Abuja yesterday where he

sought to blackmail the security

agencies for doing their job.

Just as Nigerians were waiting to see

what would happen to him as alleged

in his press conference, Fayose got the

shock of his life this afternoon that his

account with Zenith Banki had been

frozen by the EFCC.

He ran berserk after learning that the

EFCC had frozen his account.

One hour after EFCC froze his Account,

Fayose stormed Zenith Bank, refusing

to leave the bank until he was paid.

The Monitors gathered that Fayose first

sent one of his aides to the bank to

withdraw some amount of money but

the cheque was not honoured.

Sensing danger, Fayose hurried to the

bank with his full entourage only to be

told that he could not withdraw a dime

from his account as it had been frozen.

Fayose went into a frenzy, threatening

fire and brimstone but the bank

officials were helpless and told him

they couldn’t do anything to help as

the order to freeze was beyond them.

Fayose immediately addressed the

press at the bank premises calling

President Muhammad Buhari

unprintable names and shouting that

the EFCC acted illegally by freezing his

account as a sitting governor who

enjoys immunity.

The Monitors can confirm that Fayose

was at the premises of Zenith Bank,

Ado Ekiti, vowing never to leave the

bank until he collects his money.

While Fayose fumes over failure to

withdraw his money in just one hour in

a reckless display of selfishness and

wickedness while workers are unpaid

for six months, The Monitors gathered

that about N4billion was found in

Fayose’s personal account while that

of his son, Rogba Fayose, contains

about N200 million; all frozen.

It was gathered that Fayose kept his

loot in the accounts of cronies after

putting them on oath.

For instance, Fayose kept N500m in the

account of one Jumoke, a waiter at his

Spotless Hotel, Ado-Ekiti.

He kept N2billion in the account of his

friend called Abbeys while his former

Commissioner for Finance, Kayode Oso

went away with Fayose’s N500m

when both deceived Ekiti people that

the commissioner resigned over health


Oso is now back, feigning ill-health and

walking on crutches to deceive Ekiti

people that he was actually sick.

Besides cash traced to Fayose, his

multi-billion naira hotel in Dubai has

been discovered by the EFCC.

Sources told The Monitors that one of

his backers who facilitated his election

but who he later defrauded was

instrumental to the Dubai hotel

discovery and reported to EFCC. While

Fayose cleverly kept his loot in

cronies’ accounts, he kept just N1b in

his own account while he kept N200

million in his son’s (Rogba) account.

The Monitors will keep you posted as

more information is available.


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